Thursday, October 4, 2012

Walking After the Spirit-30 day challenge

I am going on a journey with God. This is a redirecting, reprioritzing, rededicating challenge. A Romans 8, Walking after the Spirit challenge.

The main components to focus on in this journey are...
First and foremost improving communication with my Lord and savior-Prayer and bible
Second, dying to self-Fasting
Third- working out my salvation-challenging myself to strive for more..
fourth- body, mind,and spirit. Working on attitude-submitting my thinking to Christ. Taking care of my temple-exercise and eating right. keeping in mind that all these things contribute and are connected to feeling well and staying spiritually sound.

Communication is a two way street. Communion with God means I am listening for his leading, basking in his presence, and putting my trust in his will; not just telling him my list of wants.

Dying to self- Fasting- not just a food thing.
this will be about putting God first in everyting.

Working out my salvation- daily challenging myself with things I wouldn't normally do, and daring to be Christ like.

I will be starting with the communication, improving my prayer life this week.

Hope you will join me and let me know how your journey is going!


  1. Sounds like a very healthy journey ahead of you. I would join but I know it would end up a legalistic, ritualistic exercise FOR ME...just speaking for myself. To me it would be very much like attempting to quit either purpose in your heart that you will or you just "toy" with are either in or out. I admire your goal though.

    1. I understand about getting legalistic and ritualistic. It's easy for something to become a routine, even with God. Been there. That is where I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to bring "times of refreshing". God has been faithful with this promise for me time and again.

  2. wow .. sounds interesting, and im very interested :)

    1. Great! Hope you continue to follow along.