Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 26- Walking after the Spirit- Power

We have POWER!
Literally I have power after the storm Sandy hit. I admit I got a little nervous with this storm
 After last year having two storms that left us without power we were a little more paranoid this time around. We had water, hubby bought a gas can, and we had extra food etc that we could eat without a stove. 

Praying for those that were hit hard by this storm.

Spiritually we have POWER! With God everything can be an object lesson. My brain cant get past its fleshiness sometimes, so God has to show that he is the shelter in the time of storm. Sometimes like a two by four hitting me over the head he teaches me His truth... God, our Father, does not leave us without His love and protection...Every waking moment is wasted without God in it.

That being said, I was struck this morning with the thought again that we must be about our Father's business with so much conviction and power behind it, that it made me weep with regret for so much time wasted not putting my hands to the work of God at every opportunity. Sometimes the mind resist the truth because it does not want to face the truth and have regret and the conviction to change. Change would mean stepping out of our comfort and relying on God alone.

What held me back was fear. But I have no excuse, for letting that be an excuse, because we have power. Jesus said it, so why do I doubt it (LK 10:19)? Power to tread-To walk. To tread on-To walk on. To step on, to crush. Power to walk each step. Power to walk on when we've fallen. Power the step on and crush the flesh, the enemy, the excuses, the fear. Get it Linda? Do you really get it this time?

Walking after the Spirit means walking after God's power. There is power in Him and through Him. Not me. I can do nothing... So true... but it's not by (Linda's) might nor by (Linda's) power but by MY Spirit saith the Lord.

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