Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 4-Walking in The Spirit- Mind wandering and Time wasters

I touched a little on how to pray. I think the most important thing is to put your heart mind and soul in God's hands when you are praying. In other words submitting to Him, giving your thoughts to him, and not allowing your mind to wander. It's one of those things that I struggle with. That is why it is so important to start prayer with his praise. It's an invitation for Him to draw near. Get in to His pressence. I usually start by singing. Yes I sing early in the morning. I live in an appartment and people can probably hear me, but oh well. No complaints so far. :) It helps me to start with praise and puts my heart in the right place.
Mind wandering can still happen when you have day ahead of you and your thinking of the many things you have to do. I kept thinking of what I would be writing today for example. Also, I thought of what I need to do for work today. What I did with those thoughts is used it as a prayer point. I asked for Gods help at work and his leading for writing this. Then I was able to put it in God's hands instead of worrying about the details.
The other things I need to tackle to make nmore time for God and for prayer is getting rid of time wasters. My biggest time waster is the computer. UGH! I spend time on things that I just don't need in my life. I am going to have to learn to be disciplined with my time. That means giving up things that take away from God and family.

What time wasters can you cut back on in your life that take you away from God and prayer?

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