Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 12-Walking after the Spirit- Dying to self-Thanking Him in everything

I firstly have to say to those who may be reading this, I am sorry I have not been going through and editing what I have been writting.  I am alloting only so much time to be on the computer so I realize there are lots of errors. I appologize just to  those who want nothing more than to go through and correct everyones spelling and grammatical errors when they read something. You know who you are. LOL

I had two days of not getting a good nights sleep. My stomach started bothering me like I had eaten habenaro peppers straight up, only I hadn't. I have had sleeping issues and stomach related issues for the last 3 years and so this is nothing new to me. Normally I would just sleep in and get on with my day, but the tiredness always lingered. I would some days be so wiped out feeling that I would get winded trying to do housework. I think I got into this frame of mind where I just excepted this as a part of my life, and stopped praying about it. It was making my day difficult. I would be groggy all day and I was really neglecting my time with God.
Last night when I started to have trouble getting to sleep, for the third night, I started to talk to God and say how much I really liked being able to get a good nights sleep and wake early so I could get in my bible and prayer time. Would you please help me fall asleep? Please? Nothing happened so I decided to get up and go pray instead of lay there. Somehow my time became a time of praise. I was thanking God for even the trials like this because I have Jesus. He is my best friend and if I get to be counted with Him even in this small trial , then I'd rather that then be unsaved and miserable. I finally some time after that was able to fall asleep, and I got early.
God turned my thinking around to a point where I really felt joy to be counted with Him. I know my trial wasn't a huge one compared to other peoples but having it go on so long it was disrupting my life.

Thankfulness is so vital to our walk with God.

Phil 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Despite what my flesh would like it to say, It does not say in everything by prayer and supplication with complaining...
Attitude can lift us up or let us down.

We have to dye to our flesh and fleshy thinking. Negative thinking is directly from the flesh. The Bible says that the carnal mind equals death in Romans 8. For me the death was with the spiritual. I was thinking and feeling defeated, therefore I was defeated.
Dying to self puts things in the right perspective, no longer I but Christ that liveth in me, kind of thinking. God gave me a gift of praise and thanksgiving last night but also just the realization that He is my best friend. He will always be there to help me through.

I will be talking about thinking and attitude later but God just gave a little taste of a lesson ,so I had to share.
Just wanted to add that we will be getting more into Romans 8 as we get into the body, mind, spirit part next week.

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