Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 19- Walking after the Spirit

We talked a little about the mind the last two days.
I struggle with a negative mind and I have to pray often to get my thoughts in the right place. I have scriptures written out on index cards that are good ones to read to keep the mind in the right place.

Here is some homework for you. This is exercise for the mind and soul.  Look up the verses below. You can put them on index cards or in a notebook, tape them  on your mirror or somewhere in your house to remind you who you are in Christ.
Here is the link to an online bible resource.
Blue Letter Bible

I am the head. I am above only- Deut. 28:3
God helps me and is with me- Is 41:10, 13
I am betrothed- Hosea 2:19-20
I am becoming more like Jesus- Rom. 8:29
I am established in righteousness- Is 54:14
I have favor with God- Job 10:12
I am dwelt in by Christ Jesus- John 14:12
I have the comfort of his presence - John 14:18
I am anointed -  Is 61:1
I am an ambassedor for Christ- 2 Cor. 5:20
I am hiden with Christ- Col. 3:2-3
I am a part of His family- Eph 1:4-5
I can come boldly to God- Heb 4:6
He loves me with an everlasting love- Jer 31:3
I am being changed to be more like Him- 2 Cor. 3:18I am complete in Him- Col 2:10
I am accepted- Eph 1:6
I am inseperable from His Love- Rom. 8 :35

These are just a few. I listed about a third of what I have on index cards. I am reading through them again to keep my mind stayed on Him.

I also suggest reading through Rom 8. It is of course what we are refering to through this whole month with walking after the Spirit. It is one of those powerful chapters that really can inpact your thinking.

Remember to get in daily physical exercise too. Excercise helps to make the body feel good but also helps to elevate mood. I used to have problems with depression and one thing that I always was told was diet and excercise makes a difference.

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