Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Beginnings

God is the restorer. He fills in the gaps and repairs what isn't right.
I grew up with a family that had it's problems. Verbal abuse and physical. I realize that God has been healing my life. He has given me a church family to give me the support I never had growing up. I learned early in life to trust no one, rely only on yourself. Now I have to relearn how to live and lean on my spiritual family. Through this time of mourning they have been behind me in prayer and I truely feel like they are family. Sunday I got prayer and was surrounded by people praying and I just sobbed and couldn't stop. Where there is an ending there is new beginnings.

Friday, May 6, 2011


My grandmohter passed away today.
My grandmother Mabel was an example of love and sacrifice that taught me to be a better person. She was the one who was my best prayer warrior on my behalf.
 She was actually my step grandmother who married my grandfather after my real grandmother died.  Leaving behind two twin boys when they were only five years old.  She married him out of duty and friendship to my real grandmother who asked that Mabel look out for her children before she died. My grandfather needed someone to look after his boys while he worked. What she got out of the deal, I don't know because my grandfather was a mean man in his younger years, and admitted to me that she had been afraid of him then.
Growing up I dealt with abuse, my grandmother was my safe haven. I used to go sleep over at her house in the summers. I used to cry so hard when it was time to leave. My parents ended up not allowing me to stay there anylonger because I cried so hard. What  they didn't understand was that at my grandmothers I felt love. I was somebody special, and I was safe.
I am truely greatful for this woman in my life. She was truely a light in my life when there seemed to be only darkness. I have lost a dear friend.