Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 2-Walking after the Spirit- Repectance and Diligence

Yesterday was I was blessed with and early start. I learned about Ezra and the realization of how much the world can creap into and influence our lives.
I had determined to wake a half hour earlier this morning and God was faithful to wake me at 5:30 am. I woke to darkness and hearing just the crickets while I prayed. Then as I grabbed my bible the sky started to get lighter, I hear one bird chirping waking others, and soon their songs filled the air. Life beigins in the Word.

Ezra, confronted with the truth of the sins of his people, wept and prayed. He confronted his people with the truth, and then they began a purging process. They repented which means not only to say sorry but to turn around and go in the right direction from now on.

Think on what in your life reflects the world, but not God. Look in the mirror and be truthfull with yourself. You're not fooling God. He sees it all. Are these things more important? The Lover of your soul says come and sup with me, but you hold back. You cling to these things rather than him. What will those things do for you in the midst of storms? When trials come how will they save you and pull you through?

Please, understand when I say "you" I am speakign to myself as well. This is a shared journey. I have failed to put God first in areas of my life. I have at times compromized and regretted it. I am under great conviction to purge out the things that do not relflect God. If I am to be a light in the world like God asks, then I need to make sure the windows are clean and clear for others to see Christ through me.

Hebrews 11:6 ...for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

1. steady and careful application
2. proper attention or care
3. (Law) Law the degree of care required in a given situation
God will reward our efforts if we diligently seek him.  He is faithful even if we haven't been. We can turn back to him and he will be right there to receive us.
Once we trun around we have to remain diligent to keep a steady pace, to be careful and apply what we learn, giving proper attention to God and the things of God.
I went to bed last night but stoped before I did to pray and praise Him.
He is the Alpha and Omega. First and Last. Shouldn't the first part of the day start in communion of prayer and praising him and the last end on the same note? He deserves it.

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