Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 24 and 25- Walking after the Spirit- His hands extended

I didin't get a chance to post yesterday. Church was amazing yesterday. God really spoke to some things in my heart that I was being impatient with. He is such a personal God and knows exactly what is in my heart.

I just wanted to say that I may not be able to blog when hurricane Sandy hits. Depending on if we loose power.

This is the perfect opportunity to talk about being His hands extended in the time of storms. We have the opportunity to provide a light and an anchor for those caught up in trials in their life. You never know who is going through one at any given moment. You may see someone who is acting unkind or just apathetic. We may assume they are unkind people but we don't know what storm they may be caught up in.

I had overheard my father once say, when I was a teen, to another family member that I was just not a nice person. What he did not know was that I was in the deepest darkest depression at the time,and had planned on taking my life. I was misserable and therefore could not act in a way that would be deemed nice.

We dont know the torture someone may be going through even when someone is smiling. Some people put on  a good show and we are shocked to find later that they were going through something horrible.

The point of this is we need to reflect Jesus at all times as much as is possible. You just never know when your light will help chase away someones darkness. Assume at all times,that the people around you need Jesus. It's is the truth.
Be ready to be His hands extended.


  1. This is so true Linda! No one wakes up in the morning wanting to be miserable. I always say, people act/react because of their circumstances. Everyone has a back story. We never know what each other is going through. This is why Jesus was so powerful when He walked the earth. He met everyone with compassion, regardless of how they treated Him. Thanks for sharing. Praying that you and your loved ones are safe during this storm!

    1. Thank you for your prayers. All is well here.