Sunday, September 30, 2012

Toil and tears-giving

I was just thinking while at church how we give to our churches our 10% and if we are able we give a little more. I try when I can to give to my churches mission department. Sometimes it's not much, just some change in my purse. But God put something on my heart today when the offering was taken up tonight.

Here is the thougth that he gave me:
When the world chose sin over God, how much did that break his heart? Shattered into billions and billions of pieces. A piece for every person that has and will ever live.

 I work hard but don't get paid much. I usually don't have much to give to missions. We can put a lot of toil and tears into our jobs, but what we get in return for our work just barely gets us by sometimes.
I think of the small coins that I may throw in sometimes, thinking it is not much at all, just a few pieces. But God sees it differently. It's like the pieces of his heart are being sent forth. Sent out be reunited with those that need him. It may not be much in my human eyes, but to God I just helped in some small way to pay for the churches electricity so a soul could come in and get saved. Just putting a dollar in for missions is one piece of his heart that can go accross the sea to touch the heart of a child in Africa.

I also thought about our prayers in this way too. It may seem like a small thing, but we give when we pray.  Praying for others is giving of ourselves spiritually. Our tears and toil in prayer moves the hand of God in ways that money can't. It can reach dark places in a persons heart. It can change course of a persons life. It certainly changed mine.

I hope that the next time you pray or give a "little" something, you will think of it as being in His heart mending ministry.

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