Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Power of Sisters

Take a step into my living room for a minute. Come and sit on my comfy red couch and take a look at this example of Christian sisterhood.
As I wrote in my previous post I recieved different squares from ladies in a Christian group on Ravelry.
Each sqaure was prayed over while it was being made for me.
If you look at each square they are all very different from each other in design. Each beautiful and each precious to me. Just like the women who sent them. The squares are all stitched together in one blanket, just like these ladies are united in Christ's body.
Sisters can be a powerful force in a person's life. They can be ones to lift you up, or put you down. They can be the older sister you look up to and aspire to be. They can also be the lessons of what not to do. That is in the natural earthly sense.
In the spiritual sense this can also be the same. Sometimes a "sister" in church can take a perspective of judgementalism  and criticize. I have had those moments of negative thinking where I was in a bad frame of mind. I have also been on the receiving end of it too. We don't realize the harm we can do with the words of our mouth. The Bible talks of the tongue and how words can be life giving, or just the opposite.
There is a song that I heard in church " I Need You to Survive". It says "I need you, you need me, we are all a part of God's body". It goes on to say "I won't hurt you with the words of my mouth"
Why would a foot step on the other foot to harm it? It would then make it difficult for the body to move forward and the extra pressure would then be on the other, working foot, to carry all the weight. The body would then move more slowly limping along.
As sisters in Christ we have to be careful of what we say and do. We could be the ones keeping things from going forward or we can be the encourager that keeps the others lifted up.
In the Bible Moses had to stand and watch over a battle. If he kept his hands lifted up, the battle would go in the Israelites favor. If he put his arms down to rest them, the army would start to lose. It got to a point where his arms were too heavy to keep them lifted. He then had others come along side of him and they held up his arms for him.
This is such an example of what we are to be for each other. We are in a battle. I may right now be fighting for my life going through a struggle, and need someone to stand with me. It may be you next time. We need each other to survive.
A woman at church comes up to me everytime she sees me and gives me a hug. Last week she came up to me at the altar call and just hugged me for a while.  I really needed that, and didn't even know it until she did it. It reminded me that I have a spiritual family that I can lean on.
 I am sitting here right now typing this with my prayer square blanket wrapped around my shoulders keeping me warm. I feel the prayers that were sown into it by the ladies who made them. I am grateful for sisters like these ladies because I need them to survive.


  1. I agree Linda. As sisters in the "Body", we should be committed to helping, loving and caring for one another. When we can learn to come together as "one" without hangups and without suspicions, how much more could we get done? I thank God for my church family(but especially my sisters)!;-)) Thanks Linda for sharing!;-))

  2. Thank you for your reply,and amen. I think if everyone could get over the "hangups" and "suspicions" that would unify people in God's Spirit like nothing else could.
    and it starts with us, ourselves.