Thursday, January 26, 2012

Well I am getting the things done that  I set out to do.
Spoke to Dh about a devotional. Now we need to find one we like. I think we still have a gift card from our local Christian book store sp hopefully we can go find something we'd like to do.
I am managing to get up early and getting more accomplished and surprisingly having energy to do it.
The one thing I fear is once this all becomes a routine that it will get to a point where my enthusiasm wanes and I'll loose momentum, and eventually get out of the habits I am trying to establish. It's easy to be motivated now while everything is new but once it becomes old that's when it gets tricky to stick with things.
My next goal is to get a routine going for exercise. I am thinking I should incorporate my son's physical fitness for homeschool and my own together. There is a gym in our appartment building so there really is no excuse for not exercising. 
Ok off to try and get some more laundry done. I also need to get to cleaning the bedroom.

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