Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 5

 "She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar." Proverbs 31:14

Ok this one has me stumped. In the Blessed Beyond Measure site she suggests shopping the sales. Yes I understand that, but she also says she goes to 3 different stores to do it. Umm... how much does gas cost? I don't think it would help me in this situation. One of the stores is on the other side of town and would be too much driving around. Much too time consuming. I do my online shopping and try to shop the sales through that. One of the problems with having to eat a gluten free diet is that GF products are expensive, so I have been buying flours and found recipes to make all kinds of good food.

I think with this verse it can be looked at it from the perspective that she tries to provide good food for her family.  Even if that means she has to buy from a source not immediately available in her area. In my case that would mean online. Amazon is a good resource for buying gluten free foods in bulk.
I think it also means that she cooks a variety of foods. Recently we started experimenting with different dishes like curry chicken and Jerk chicken. That is thanks to my co-workers, one is from Guyana and the other has Jamaican roots. I got to sample some of their cooking and had to make it for my family. Now my husband is addicted to spicy foods.
I also have been experimenting with coconut flour. It's amazing how little of the flour you actually need for the recipes. I made eight muffins last night with only 1/4 a cup of coconut flour when the other flour I usually use asks for 1 1/2 a cup. It's great to have found this alternative.
Then there is the health aspect. It's easy to go to our local grocery store purchase our needed items, and then add some not so needed items while we are there. Was that package of Reeses peanut butter cups really needed? or how about those Pop Tarts? We'd save more money by cutting out those items and buying fruit and other healthy snacks instead.
I am sure the proverbial woman shops wisely and tries to make every penny count. It's important to look for coupons and sales. I do find however some generic brands are cheaper than using the coupon for the name brand. So it's good to know the prices of items we buy.

This has given some things to think about. I am excited each morning to do the next devotional.

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