Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weeding the mind

In the book Mended ch 12 Angie talks of weeds in our lives and taking them out by the roots.

My biggest weed problem is in my thoughts. I let the negative thinking take over too often. A lot of my thinking stems from negative messages of the past.

They whisper
"Why bother to try, you will never change"
"God doesn't want you to have peace and happiness"
"Something bad will happen to you, your family, etc..., something always does."
"You have nothing of value to offer to anyone."
" You will fail. You wont make it."

I tend to accept those thoughts as my own and don't question them. I have heard them most of my life and far more often than I have ever heard anything positive. This is not something I can heal from in an instant. It takes time and a great deal of Holy Ghost power.

Only the Holy Ghost can get at the roots of my negative thoughts and help me pull them up. I had gone to Christian counseling a few years back and one of the methods was praying and asking the Holy Ghost to show me where the roots were. I know it helped because certain memories no longer sting, that once had me bound in hopelessness. I need to go back to that kind of prayer.

If you struggle with this also then pray with me.

God of Hope grant me your Holy Ghost power to get to the roots of my negative thinking and remind me of your promises and what you see in me. Replace those negative thoughts with your love and light. Shine in my heart and fill me with your peace. In Jesus name. Amen


  1. Beautiful Linda...I love how the Holy Spirit, woos and comforts like that. So blessed by your words!