Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunflower Scrubbie

Sunflower Scrubbie
tulle cut into 1 1/2  inch wide strips and tied end to end.
(I bought about 4 yards of tulle at a thrift store and made a large ball of it for future use. so the strips are long)
cotton yarn
J or k hook for tulle and cotton combo
I hook for petals and leaves

combining cotton yarn and tulle ch4 and sl st to 1st ch
rnd 1- ch 3, 9 dc into ch, sl st to beg ch
rnd 2- ch3, dc in same st. 2 dc in each st around.
sl st to beg ch. fasten off .

The first part of petals are made with chainless foundation (cf) stitches (half double crochet tutorial linky). Also called foundation stitches.
fasten yarn to any stitch of scrubbie, yo and insert hook in same st, *(cf) hdc, cf dc 2 times,cf hdc, ch2, going down petal hdc in hdc, dc in next two dc, hdc, and slst in same stitch. Yo and insert hook into next stitch of scrubbie, yo and pull through to start next cf hdc*
repeat for each stitch around scrubbie.

Chainless foundation double crochet video


  1. This is such a cute pattern! I will certainly be making one of these. You make the most adorable things! :)

    1. I second that! We give glory to God also when we use the gifts God gave us to make wonderful things for other people.