Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Standing in the need of prayer

I have been wanting to create this square for a while but had a few of trial and error moments.
Will be posting this pattern in the near future. I am waiting to purchase a web cam to do a video tutorial on the stitch for this.

It uses my own version of a wave crochet stitch (could also be called mock broomstick).  Its an extended wave. I think it looks like people standing together holding hands.

We all are in need of prayer everyday of our lives. We need to continually keep in comunication with our Lord. He is in control and if we are not in comunication with him, its like not knowing where the pilot of the plane is taking you. God may not always let us know everything in advance as to what will happen next but staying in contact with the pilot will let you know he has got everything figured out.

Then there is the body of Christ. We need to continually stay in contact with the body of Christ. To encourage each other, and pray for each other along the journey.
We are in a battle and need our fellow soldiers of the Lord to have our backs.
 At church when we have our altar call, almost the whole congregation goes up to the altar. People surround those in need of prayer and pray over them. One time I stayed back and watched. I thought of the front lines of a battle. The elders of the church stood and formed what was like a line of protecting prayer around those in need of prayer. How can the enemy get through such a solid wall of prayer and praise?

Things that can break that wall is discord through gossip, and unforgiving or judging attitudes. Judging someone when you just don't know what they are really going through. Our perception of others can destroy the chance to help pray that person through to victory.

We need each other to keep going because we may be the next one standing in the need of prayer.


  1. Love this square and the inspiration behind it :)

  2. Thank you for posting this! So much wisdom, and just what I needed to read this morning. :)

  3. Very powerful thoughts, thank you for sharing this with us!