Friday, February 22, 2013


I recently was overwhelmed by a sense that I will never heal, never get to where I feel whole. I felt completely alone and thoughts of " you will never change" came in waves. I was getting discouraged and felt like a failure.
I am on a journey. Reading through the book Mended by Angie Smith. I had joined an (in)courage group and we are working through the book.

Last night I was thinking on my discouragement and realized that everyone has experienced brokenness in some form or another and at some time or another. Not that I didn't know this before, however I tend to focus on others strengths but focus on my weaknesses. I play the dangerous game of comparison.

What struck me was the thought that we are all broken but some of us have Jesus to go to to be healed. We may never be the same with the hurts and brokenness in our lives, but with God's help we are mended. And though there may be those broken places that still show in the mending, It is a testimony to say "this is what God brought me through". I am still here. I am still standing. I stand in His grace because without Him I cannot stand at all.

Sometimes I lose site of where I used to be and only see where I think I should be. That is when I need to be reminded of the past and see where I came from so I don't go back.

I would not want to give up. I wouldn't make it if I did. I know where I was before God stepped in and lifted me out of the mess I was in. I would never want to return to that state. I am truly far better off living in the mending process with Jesus then remaining broken with no hope.

Mending is a life long process and it may get frustrating at times. I may fail to see how much I have been changed by God (Not that I changed in and of myself ). I thank God for the reminders.

See what God has brought me through. I may still hurt but God is shining through the cracks of this broken life.


  1. Beautiful and full of truth and so very real! Linda, what an honor to walk this path of being mended with you!

  2. Lovely post. This book feels very healing, doesn't it.