Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank You Lord

I havent blogged in a whole week.
Started a prayer and thanksgiving journal. I am up to 37 in the thanksgiving. I don't know if I will get up to 1000 like the book it is inspired from. 1000 Gifts.
This week was a week of trials it seems. Have a new manager at work. She seems like a good person. I feel like I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop though, after two years of having a manager who dragged everybody's name through the mud at one time or another including mine. I didn't realize how much tension this carried through the two years. I feel like I need to relearn how not to be paranoid about what is being said and done behind my back.

I know God sends trials to teach us. I am still trying to figure all that out though. What did I learn from this? It certainly humbled me and made me have to totally rely on God to redeem the situation and turn things around.  I realized today I am still hurting from a lot of it. I was the one the managers loved because they knew I was honest and responsible. Maybe this went to my head some. Maybe that was the whole point. God had to take me down off my high horse a bit.

This world is full of sinful people who chose to do terrible things. I know that, so why would I be surprised when it hit me at work? I am still trying to figure it all out God. Forgive me if I can be a bit dense for not getting why this all happened.

I shared in suffering. We all will share in it and in different ways. The main thing was trusting God completely to take care of things. He did it. Not in the timing I would have prefered but He did it.

Thank you Lord for your discipline and teachings in my life. Sometimes they hurt but I know you take what is meant for evil and turn them for good. Help me to see the good and let go of the hurts so I can grow from this experience.

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