Sunday, June 30, 2013

God's guiding hand

My apologies, I haven't written much here lately. God has me on a growing, and healing journey that has lead me to a promotion at work and one to get a handle on my health.
I have been on a journey lately regarding my health and started a blog for it. That's where my time and energy has been spent recently. Well truth be told I had started the blog a while back but never did much with it until now. I have revisited and revised it.
 As far as my health it has been one step forward and three steps back. I learn something new each day and sometimes it feels as though I will never get a handle on it.

I am grateful for God's leading. I am a little overwhelmed at the moment with my promotion and have to take things day by day. I am learning and as with everything, I really have to rely heavily on God to get me through. I will make it.
God told me once that I would be doing more at my workplace. I was reluctant to believe it partly because I didn't really want the responsibility. As a manager I have to oversee the workings of the home, the workers and the clients we serve. I love the clients like family. They are the main reason I took the position.

Hopefully I will get to a place where I  will feel some semblance of normalcy and routine but so far at work and with my healthy eating choices its been trial and error. Nothing has been routine or normal.

God's advice is not to worry about tomorrow, today is enough to deal with. That is why he only gave us one day at a time. We couldn't handle more.

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  1. Hi, Linda, probably from across the ocean. If you e- mail me back I will tell you something amazing I discovered after making your crochet 6 inch square design. Thanks so much for posting on Pinterest. Grainne