Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Needlefelting Tutorial

Rose Needlefelted flower

tools and supplies

Joann's has clover needlefelting supplies

Needlefelting pen or individual needles
high density foam, small pillow, on or needlefelting mat to needlefelt on


The needle felting pen I have is from Clover.

I chose two colors of wool to make my rose.
I took two 1/4 thick strips of wool. broke them both in half, making two 10 inch (approx.)sections of each color.
combine two colors together, as in picture, set aside the second set for later
Take the section and roll it up in a spiral.
Be sure to use straight up and down motions when needlefelting so as to not break the needles they are very fragile. Needlefelt your fiber until you have a round flat disc. Lift carefully off of mat or pillow and turn over to felt the other side.
I took my needle pen and very carefully felted the sides in to make more of a petal shape. You can do this by holding the disc sidways and inserting the needles then doing up and down motions without taking the needles all the way out of the fiber. Watch out for Fingers!!!
Repeat with other section you set aside
place one disc on top of the other and needlefelt in center to felt both pieces togethter.

As in picture shown grab top of petals of both sections and squeeze them together trying to have four fingers bring the petals to the center but not squashing too much on any two sides or you'll have an oval shape. Turn flower sideways while still keeping that hold. Needlefelt sides of rose on the bottom half and turn rose around needlefelting all around base of rose.
I sewed a fabric yoyo and lace together and sewed the rose to it. I am going to glue to a jar cover for a decorative storage jar.
You can sew it to a hat, glue it to a barret, or pin, I have sewn it to hair elastics too.

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