Monday, April 30, 2012

6" Flower burst 2
Worsted weight yarn (3 colors)
Size 5mm/F crochet hook (or whatever size you normally use)
Special stitches:
FPdc – front post double crochet: YO, insert hook from front to back around post of next st, YO and pull up a loop even with last st worked, and complete dc.
FPBN8 or 10--front post Bullion 8 or 10: Wrap yarn top to bottom toward you 8 or 10 times-as indicated by the number after BN-, insert hook from front to back around post of st indicated. YO pull loop through, YO pull loop through all loops on hook giving enough slack for bullion to stand up straight. (Do NOT ch 1 to close)
Rnd 1- Color A
Ch 6, sl st into first chain made to form ring. Ch 3, 11 dc into center of ring, sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch-3. (12 dc)
Rnd 2
Join color B with sl st to any dc, (ch 3, dc, FPBN8) in same st-(see special sts you will be working 2 dc in same st, then FPB8 around the post of the same dc) *(2 dc, FPBN8) all in next st* Repeat  from *to * around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch-3, being careful to hold yarn behind work and between bullion and beg ch to work the sl st. (24 dc, 12 bullions)
Rnd 3
Sl st in between next 2 dc, ch 3, dc in same st, ch 1, (skip bullion, 2 dc in between the next 2 dc, ch 1) all the way around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch-3. (24 dc, 12 ch-1 sps)
Rnd 4
Ch 1, sc in between next 2 dc, *FPBN8 around next BN from Rnd 2, keeping yarn behind hook and to the right of hook,  sl st back into the same sp as last sc just made, ch 2, FPBN8 around same BN, sc between next 2 dc keeping yarn behind hook as above. * repeat from * to * around, sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off color A. (24 bullions, 12 sc, 12 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 5- Color B
Join color B with sl st to any ch-2 sp from rnd 4, (ch 3, 3 hdc) in same ch-2 sp, (4 hdc in each ch-2 sp) around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch-3. Fasten off Color B-you may want to pull Color A through the last stitch made. (48 dc)
Rnd 6-Color A
Join Color A between 2nd dc of any 4 dc in rnd 5, ch 3, *(2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) (corner made), *  ** FPBn10, hdc behind Bn, 4 hdc, FPBn8, hdc behind Bn, 4hdc, FPBn10, hdc in next st, ** (2dc, ch 2, 2 dc) *Repeat * to * 2 times,  then repeat ** to ** for last side and sl st to beg ch.
Rnd 7-Color B
Join Color B with sl st in any corner ch-2 sp, * (ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in same sp (corner made), hdc, 12 sc across skipping hdc behind bullions,* repeat * to * three more times and sl st to beg ch.

© Copyright April 2012 by Linda Carlson. All rights reserved. This pattern may not be
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photocopying -- without the written permission of Linda Carlson. Projects made from this
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