Friday, April 22, 2011

True Love Came

This is a condensed version of a message I brought at a convalescent home service.

Every step Jesus took on earth was a step motivated by love. If you look at his miracles most were healing miracles and done out of compassion.
When we think about love we might think about the latest romance movie where perfect boy meets amazing girl, they like each other but have to get past some obstacles before they can be together. What would happen if the boy wasn’t so perfect and the girls was far from amazing? What if on their first date all faults, failures and sins where known about? Out in the open to see right from the start. Would the boy fight so hard to get the girl? Wouldn’t the girl run screaming in the opposite direction?
Jesus came knowing every fault, failure and sin we have. He gave up his heavenly glory and majesty to walk among us to woo us, so to speak. What man would do that?
We have all heard the phrase God is Love. God is love in it’s purest truest form. True Love.
True Love came seeing the deepest darkest corners of our hearts. He came knowing he would be mocked, beaten and killed by the very ones who were the object of that intense love. What man would put themselves in that position to be so horribly rejected?
But Jesus came knowing all the secret places in our hearts that we hide from others and even the places we try to hide from ourselves.
True Love came to be beaten, mocked and killed because True Love can never stop loving. True Love is eternal.
True love was so strong that it even broke the bonds of death and rose again in victory. All so we could be with him and be a part of his love.


  1. Wow. That is so beautiful and so humbling. Thank you for the thought-provoking post. Praise God for Salvation and His eternal Love! <><

  2. Sorry, just getting around to noticing there was a comment. Thank you.